Tips & tricks to win a jackpot in lottery

There are some strategies to have better probability to win a jackpot in the lottery. Many people dont think there are tricks to win the lottery because they think that they only need luck.

Here are some of the strategies that some people use to win a jackpot in lottery :

Dont use the same number 6 times consecutive
Try to avoid numbers like 777777 that has the same digit 6 times consecutive, no one in the history have one with a number like that one. Also don’t do it with 5 digits, its also difficult to win with 5 diggits that are the same.

Dont use the combination 123456
This is one of the most used combinations, alot of people use it daily, but they dont know that its very difficult to win with that combination.

Dont use the number multiply method
This is a method that also alot of people uses, and its not a good idea to use. A example of this number multiply method its 246810, you can clearly see that the number 2 its being multiplied by a bigger number each time.

Dont use numbers that are little often
Many people like to use numbers of the calendars and birthday numbers, this is a bad idea since alot of people uses these numbers and if it wins you will be sharing your money with other people that played that game. Because of that reason you should use higher numbers.

Dont use quick picks
This method is using by alot of people that dont know what number to play, it is proved that if you dont use this method you have better probability of wining.

These are some of the best tips to win the lottery. Keep in mind you wont win the first time you use them, but renember that everytime you play you should use them to win.

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