Chinese poker is fun and easy – learn how to play

How to play

If you want to learn how to play chinese poker, and you haven’t because you thought the skill level was to difficult, well it is not, it is very easy. It is a game for two to four players but is most often played with four. It is a very popular game with all of the poker pros.

(1) Thirteen cards are dealt to each of the players

(2) From the cards that were dealt, each player makes three groups (or) sets. One should be a three card set, and the other two should be five card sets. The three card set is called the front, while the five card sets are called the back and middle.

(3) Certain rules must be followed while making the three sets. The front three card set must be the lowest hand, while the back five card set is the highest. By default the middle set should be the middle hand. Flushes or straights do not count in the three card back hand.

(4) Once all of the players have decided which cards make up each set, they place them facing down in front of them. While placing the front set the farthest away, then the middle set, and then the back set will be the closest to them.

(5) The players see who beats who, after they have put all of there sets down.

(6) Here is when the game may confuse you a little. Instead of making bets or setting pots, the game is played for points or units. These units count for an amount of money that was already pre-determined.

(7) Instead of one player winning the whole pot, the players will win points or units from every other player, whose middle, back or front player they beat. This means you could beat one player while loosing two sets to another. It is a tie if all the hand’s are equal, and no player will get points or units. You may also play that a player who wins two or three sets can get extra points, with four of a kinds or straight flushes.

Note: You should use paper and pen to keep track of all points or units lost or won.

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